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A i m s  a n d  S c o p e. The journal Studii şi cercetări de istoria artei. Artă plastică, new series, is dedicated to advancing research in the history of Romanian and European art and architecture. Our aim is to highlight art practices in their cultural and historical contexts, as well as to further the understanding of local art movements within European tradition. The main section of SCIA.AP fosters research papers and critical studies; other sections are consecrated to book reviews, exhibition reviews, contemporary art events.

H i s t o r y. 1954 saw the founding of the multi-disciplinary journal Studii şi cercetări de istoria artei. Ten years later, it split into two periodicals, one of them dedicated to art history, while the other fostered studies in the history of theatre, music, and cinema. Studii şi cercetări de istoria artei. Artă plastică appeared regularly from 1964 until 1997, when publication was discontinued because of financial constraints. The new series, available online, was launched in 2011; most articles are in Romanian, but each issue contains a few number of papers in French, English or German.

F r e q u e n c y: 1 issue per year.

F e e s. SCIA.AP does not charge submission or publication fees. 

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